Understanding the 2020 FedEx & UPS Pricing Increases

In partnership with Supply Chain Radio Now, we developed the Transportation Trends podcast series to explain, review and analyze the FedEx and UPS parcel rate increases for 2020. In each of the three podcasts we were able to really tap into John Haber’s deep knowledge of the industry. We encourage you to listen to each podcast in its entirety.

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In this Transportation Trends Series of podcasts, co-hosts Scott Luton and Greg White spoke with John Haber, CEO of Spend Management Experts, about how companies can mitigate the cost increases associated with FedEx’s and UPS’s 2020 rates. John also provides insight into:

  • The detailed list of 2020 surcharges already released by both carriers, as well as the massive impact of policy changes
  • The market conditions driving shipping increases
  • The potential of alternate approaches such as crowdsourcing, partnering with bricks & mortar locations and SME’s transportation optimization model
  • A comparison of the different carriers’ peak seasons and changing delivery surcharges
  • The lack of competition between carriers in the US provides an incentive for each logistics provider to avoid waging a ‘pricing war’
  • The ways in which shippers should alter their logistics and small parcel analysis in order to optimize contracts and keep costs down
  • What we can expect throughout the year