With so many folks working from home these days, it can get a bit lonely. So, we decided to have a bit of fun while also sharing John Haber's valuable insights into supply chain and logistics issues. We are producing HABERGISTICS regularly so keep your eyes open for future episodes.

Episode 14:
E-Commerce & Real Estate

Episode 13:
FedEx Announcement

Episode 12:
Phrases We’re Sick Of

Episode 11:
UPS, FedEx & USPS Peak Season Surcharges

Episode 10:

Episode 9:
What Happened to Walmart Plus?

Episode 8:
The Medical Supply Chain is Broken

Episode 7:
A Dynamic Supply Chain

Episode 6:
United States Post Office

Episode 5:
Mayhem in the Small Parcel Marketplace

Episode 4:
The Retail Industry

Episode 3:
What Might Retail Look Like After the Pandemic?

Episode 2:
UPS Earnings Report

Episode 1:
Supply Chain Essential Workers